”=X” is a science fiction film about a future’s research institute.

Suddenly the end of the world has come. As a consequence of a disastrous natural disaster all the political, economical and social structures have collapsed. The so-called redistribution has come true in the worst possible way.

Dark Haze

Far away in the highlands, behind the mountain range of Himalaya, situates a secretly kept space research station. A severe duty falls for this newly organised institute: to save the remaining world. Nuclear disasters, mental and physical damages of the remaining people and the natural disasters one more unusual than another are now everyday challenges for this ancient institute.

Experimental short film “=X” shows random moments from the life of this research station. It tells about hope, contradictions and disobedience. “=X” depicts people, whose persistence and vitality leads them through recovery to healing in the middle of all the dreadfulness.

Sci-fi helmet