Dile Kolanen

Dile KolanenDile Kolanen is a Finnish bassplayer/composer/producer. Throughout the years he has been member of numerous finnish bands: The Nights Of Iguana, Veeti & Elastic Family, Popmonks, Pin Ups, Sahaj Unltd, Shava and many more. He has worked with many Finnish artists such as Maria Hänninen, Tuomas Kaila, Kiureli Sammallahti (Kiu Samm Allah Ti).

He has also accompanied different dance productions, now days especially flamenco productions with guitarist Juan Manuel “Chiqui” Jiménez Martín. He has graduated from Helsinki Polytechnic and works as a music pedagogist in a music school teaching electric bass and music theory. One of his compassion is to work with moving picture. He is able to do this with outstanding animator Eila Hutri. At the moment they have started a new production with working title =X.



Interviews (in Finnish):

Radio Helsinki - Valiojoukko 10.12. 2009 Radio Helsinki - Helsingin Henki 5.3. 2010